REHAB SUCCESS STORY OF THE MONTH: Physical Therapy Enables Resident to Quickly Regain Quality of Life and Return Home

After falling at home, Venancia Torres suffered a left humeral fracture and had right knee pain.  She was hospitalized for one week and then immediately admitted to Arlington Residence and Rehab for rehabilitative care.  Our physical therapists evaluated her and noted significant limitations in bed mobility, transfers, balance, lower extremity strength and gait. Venancia’s OT limitations included dressing, bathing and grooming, left upper extremity range of motion and strength.

These deficits significantly impaired her ability to safely perform activities of daily living.  Prior to her fall, Venancia was independent with dressing, grooming, household tasks and ambulation, without the need for any assistive devices.

Our PT and OT team focused on removing her limitations and increasing her strength and skill so that she could regain her independence.  Mrs. Torres was highly motivated to improve her mobility so she could return home with her husband and maintain her quality of life. After two weeks, she met all goals and was discharged home to enjoy her family and community activities.

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